Welcoming Speech Governer IndoMS Sulawei Gorontalo

It is my distinct pleasure and honor to extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you here today. As the Governor of the Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS) in Sulawesi and Gorontalo region, I am delighted to host this gathering, which brings together distinguished mathematicians, educators, and enthusiasts from various parts of our beautiful country. Mathematics is a universal language that transcends borders, cultures, and backgrounds. It is a discipline that plays a vital role in shaping our understanding of the world around us. From ancient civilizations to the digital age, mathematics has been at the heart of scientific discoveries, technological advancements, and societal progress. It provides us with tools to solve complex problems, analyze data, and make informed decisions.

Today, we have the privilege of convening here to celebrate the wonders of mathematics and foster a spirit of collaboration, learning, and exploration. This conference serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and inspiring one another. It is through such gatherings that we can collectively push the boundaries of mathematical research and education, paving the way for a brighter future. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the IndoMS and its dedicated members for their unwavering commitment to promoting excellence in mathematics and nurturing the next generation of mathematicians. I also extend my gratitude to our esteemed speakers, panelists, and participants who have traveled from far and wide to join us today. Your presence enriches this gathering and reflects the shared passion we have for mathematics.

As we embark on this intellectual journey, let us remember the importance of inclusivity and diversity. Mathematics knows no boundaries and embraces all those who seek to explore its marvels. By encouraging collaboration and embracing different perspectives, we can harness the full potential of mathematics to address the challenges that lie ahead. I am confident that this conference will be a resounding success, filled with thought-provoking discussions, groundbreaking research, and inspiring interactions. May this gathering serve as a catalyst for new discoveries, meaningful connections, and lasting friendships. Once again, I extend my warmest welcome to all of you. Let us embark on this exciting journey together and make this conference a memorable and transformative experience. Thank you.

Prof. Syafruddin Side, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D.



Story of IndoMS

Indonesia Mathematical Society (IndoMS) is a prestigious organization that has played a significant role in promoting mathematics education and research in Indonesia. The society was established in 1991 with the aim of fostering a strong mathematical community and advancing the field of mathematics in the country. Over the years, IndoMS has actively organized conferences, seminars, and workshops, bringing together mathematicians, educators, and students from various regions of Indonesia. These events provide a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the dissemination of cutting-edge research in mathematics. One of the key initiatives of IndoMS is the promotion of mathematics education at all levels. The society has been actively involved in developing curriculum guidelines, organizing training programs for mathematics teachers, and supporting initiatives that enhance the quality of mathematics education in schools and universities across the country. By emphasizing the importance of a strong mathematical foundation, IndoMS aims to nurture a new generation of mathematicians and problem solvers. IndoMS also encourages and supports research in mathematics. The society provides grants and scholarships to mathematicians and researchers, enabling them to pursue their studies and contribute to the advancement of mathematical knowledge. Through its publications, such as the Indonesian Mathematical Journal, IndoMS provides a platform for researchers to publish their findings and share their insights with the wider mathematical community. Furthermore, IndoMS actively collaborates with international mathematical organizations, participating in conferences and fostering international research partnerships. This collaboration allows Indonesian mathematicians to engage with the global mathematical community, exchange ideas, and contribute to the global advancement of the field. IndoMS continues to inspire and empower mathematicians in Indonesia. Through its various activities, the society promotes the beauty and significance of mathematics, encourages lifelong learning, and creates a supportive network for mathematicians across the country. As IndoMS moves forward, it continues to strive for excellence in mathematics education, research, and outreach. The society remains committed to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and ensuring that mathematics plays a central role in addressing the challenges of our ever-changing world.